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Our platform simplifies bot trading to provide convenience for all levels of traders. Simply choose your bot strategy and let our platform do the work for you. We're here to help make your bot trading journey easy and exciting!

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Bots Made For Decentralized Platforms

Our bots are proficient in executing diverse strategies across a broad spectrum of DeFi platforms, seamlessly interacting with multiple blockchains to facilitate token trading.
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Dex Bot
Trade 24 Hours Per Day

Automated trading with My Dex Bot

Experience the power of continuous trading with MYDEXBOT. Our advanced automation capabilities enable your trading strategies to operate round-the-clock, ensuring you never miss a potentially profitable trade. Regardless of time zones or market hours, MYDEXBOT is always at work, relentlessly scanning various blockchains for trading opportunities. Embrace the future of DeFi trading where efficiency meets flexibility.

Uninterrupted 24/7 Trading
Multi-Blockchain Capability
Precision-Driven Trade Performance
Core Features

Discover MyDexBot: Powerful Features for DeFi Trading

MyDexBot is built with an array of features aimed at enhancing your DeFi trading experience. With our 24/7 trading automation, your strategies are always in action. While we currently support various DeFi platforms, we're excited about our upcoming crosschain features which will expand your trading scope to multiple blockchains. Learn how MyDexBot can elevate your trading strategy today and evolve with the future of decentralized finance.

Dex Bot for Decentralize Trading
Key Advantages

Elevate Your DeFi Experience
with Control, Versatility, and Ease


Experience the freedom of decentralized trading while maintaining control of your assets.


Your assets, your control. MyDexBot ensures that you maintain full custody of your assets at all times.


Adapt to market changes swiftly, allowing you to diversify and optimize your trading.

No Cost Set-Up

Start your trading journey effortlessly with our no-cost setup, putting the focus on your profits from day one.

Intuitive Design

Navigate our platform with ease, making complex trading strategies accessible and manageable.

Easy To Use

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, our interface makes your trading experience smooth.

Getting Started

Start Your Bot in 5 Easy Steps

Create Account

Establish your personal trading hub by creating your MyDexBot account.

Select Plan

Choose the perfect plan that matches your trading aspirations and goals.

Fund Wallet

Add funds to your wallet to prepare for your trading activities.

Configure Bot(s)

Customize your bots, tailoring their strategies to align with your trading objectives.

Deploy Automation

Activate your automated trading setup, allowing MyDexBot to execute trades on your behalf.

MyDexBot Pricing

Explore Our Monthly Options

Basic Package

$ 0

  • 23.5% Fee per Trade Profit
  • 5 Eligible Bots
  • No-Cost Deployment
  • Standard Trading Strategies
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Performance Analytics
Pro Package

$ 179

  • 6.5% Fee per Trade Profit
  • 20 Eligible Bots
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Lower Fees on Profitable Trades
  • Performance Analytics
  • Advanced Trading Strategies
Mobile Application Coming Soon

MyDexBot will be available for download soon.

Decentralized Bot Platform

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